The Broker GUI's Startable Server Window

By clicking the right add-button, or selecting a startable server in the original dialog, and clicking the edit button, you will get the following dialog:
The dialog for editing Startable Servers

You can see the attributes of the startable server, and edit them.

The name of the server is its name as a Broker module, that is, the name that other modules will use when calling this server.

The command line is the UNIX command that will be used to start the server if it is needed but not running.

The startup timeout is how many seconds the Broker will wait after to the command line has been executed until the server has connected to the broker. If the server has not connected in this time the client calling the server will get an error, the process will be killed, and an e-mail should be sent to the address listed in the e-mail field (but the e-mail functionality is not implemented yet).

The stop timeout is how many seconds the broker will wait from sending a CLOSE command to the server until the server process dies (or disconnects). If the server has not shut down properly after this time, it is forcefully disconnected and the process killed (if it was started by the Broker).

The E-mail functionality is not implemented yet, and the Automatic Restart has no effect.

The process state shows that the server has been started by the Broker (as opposed to being started manually and connecting to the broker). The Connection state shows that the server is connected.

When a server is automatically started, first the process will be created and the process state will change to running. Then, when the process connects to the broker, the connection state will change from not connected to connected.

When a server is stopped, it will first change connection status from connected to not connected, and then the process state will change to stopped.

To save a new startable server, or changes to a server, you must specify the Broker's password as specified when the broker was started. This is because by specifying a command line, you can cause a command to be executed on the broker machine. Unfortunately this password scheme is not very secure and will be changed in a future version.

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