ARTUR - the ARticulation TUtoR


Olov Engwall
Olov has a PhD in speech communication with the focus on articulatory modelling. His previous research has been focused on generating a three-dimensional computer model of the vocal tract (tongue, jaw, lips etc) based on articulatory measurements of speech production. In 2004 he received the international Christian Benoît Award for his work with the ARTUR project.

Hedvig Sidenbladh
Hedvig has a PhD in computer vision, and is the main responsible for the extraction of facial features from video images. She is presently employed as Research Scientist at the Division of Sensor Technology, FOI, and works part-time (30%) at NADA, KTH with the ARTUR project.

Olle Bälter
Olle has a Phd in human-computer interaction and is a reseracher in interface design at NADA, KTH. He is responsible for the development of the user interface of the system.

Anne-Marie Öster
Anne-Marie has a Fil Lic and is a reseracher in the Speech group at the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH). Her research is mainly concerned with speech acquisition of hearing impaired children and the development of computer assisted speech therapy.

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Olov Engwall

Last updated: 2005-05-03