• Major update of the August Homepage. Check out on-line papers and new videos from the August project. (June 1999)
  • Check out the new video from the August project. See demonstrations below. (May 1999)
  • The August system is no longer up at Kulturhuset (February 24, 1999). Future work will include improvement of the dialogue and adding new domains and other new features. This work will be done within the AdApt project. Some day in the future August might be set up for public use again...
  • On 3 February 1999 Per is presented for the first time at a CTT meeting. The doorkeeper Per will be part of the user interface for a speaker verification demonstrator at CTT.
  • We have installed an improved recognition module in the August system (January 1999). August now spends less time "thinking" and he's giving better answers than ever.
  • About 200 new sentences that August can recognize and answer, was added to the August system during November 1998.
  • August will now follow you with big interest while you are talking to him. Face tracking using MODAL Video Module was added to the August system during October 1998.
  • August on Swedish Television:

  • Last appearence was in Hjärnkontoret, SVT1, 1999-01-26. Select Arkiv | Reportage | Medicin/rösten on the Hjärnkontoret homepage to check it out.
    August, Holger and other faces have also been seen in Utbildningsradion, Hjärnkontoret (twice!), Sajber and Nyheterna (TV4).
  • Press:

  • August, Alf, Olga and our other faces have been seen in swedish newspapers and magazines such as: Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, Mikrodatorn and PC för alla.
    The first dialogue project at the department was Waxholm (1992-1995). The system provided tourist information about the Stockholm archipelago, and featured continous speech recognition and a talking head (Holger). OLGA (1995-1997) dealt with consumer information about microwave ovens. The Olga project featured limited speech recognition and a full-bodied animated robot-like lady, capable of multimodal speech synthesis and body gestures, as well as a graphical direct manipulation interface. The August system was a platform for presentation of the speech technology research at CTT. It featured an animated agent named after 19:th century Swedish writer August Strindberg, a graphics display (maps etc), speech recognition and optical detection and tracking of users. The system was available daily for six months to any visitor at the Stockholms Akademiska Forum, Stockholm Cultural Centre, in Stockholm, as part of the Cultural Capital of Europe '98 program.
    MiLaSS Emotions. Here you can see how the students at the MiLaSS summer school defined six basic emotions (and a few not so basic also)


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