Clip from the Swedish Telvision show "NOVA"                                                   

Linda is inteviewed about the AdApt system (In Swedish)
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    Merry Christmas

    A synthetic duet with natural voices

    Christmas greetings and other entertainment demos

    The first appearance of our new female synthetic face was at the TMH Christmas party 1999, where she delivered 'The speech to the professors'. (In Swedish)
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    We have made some older Christmas stuff available also. It is all in Swedish, but since it is very visual they are hopefully worth downloading even for non-Swedish listeners.

  • The first appearance of an early prototype of Alf. From the TMH Christmas party 1997: MPEG(13 Mb)
  • Our bald face Holger sings a modern christmas carol. From the TMH Christmas party 1996: MPEG(12 Mb)
  • Holger sings a duet with himself, or rather with his jazzy brother, back in 1996: MPEG(11 Mb)
  • A longer demo sequence of our Audio-Visual Speech Synthesis, also from 1996: MPEG (34 Mb). Includes the duet mentioned above. 

  • Happy birthday Gunnar!

    Happy birthday song

    A homage to prof. em. Gunnar Fant on his 80th birthday, 8 October 1999. A traditional swedish birthday song performed by a synthetic Gunnar using audio-visual text-to-speech synthesis, based on the formant synthesis once developed by Fant. (In swedish)
  • Download MPEG version (7 Mb) here!

  • Sven and Gustav

    MiLaSS videos

    The "mr Smoketoomuch"-video is a part of the Travel agent sketch from "Monty Python's Flying Circus". In our videoclip, each phrase has been created by students as an exercise during the MiLaSS summer school (KTH 1999). The talking heads are running in Windows environment and this video is captured from an ordinary Pentium II PC with a RIVA TNT2 graphics card.
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    Read the dialogue script by following this link.

    A quotation of Strindberg

    Turntaking gestures

    August videos

    The following video clips were made as illustrations to the article listed below and they are also available on the CD-ROM of the proceedings.

    August reading a quotation of Strindberg. (Translation: Symmetrical works of art easily become dull just like symmetrical beauties; impeccable or flawless people are often unbearable.) (Larger version)

    Turntaking in the August system. An example of August listening (during push-to-talk), thinking (during speech recognition and database search) and answering "Yes?" (Larger version)

    Lundeberg, M. and Beskow, J. (1999). "Developing a 3D-agent for the August dialogue system" In Proceedings from AVSP'99, Santa Cruz, USA. [HTML] [postscript]

    Click to download video sequence with sound
    We have a video sequence (1.44 Mb) showing the playback of a dialogue between August and a real user (in swedish). We used PowerPoint to create subtitles in english. Click here to download the PowerPoint document including the video sequence & subtitles (100 Kb).

    For more August video demos and other related information, see the August homepage.

    Click to download video sequence with sound

    Teleface videos

  • Teleface demo of our intended application MPEG (6.3 Mb) or MPEG(2.3 Mb)
  • Longer video presentation (in swedish) about the Teleface project. MPEG (22.7 Mb) (includes the above demo of our intended application)
  • Some (swedish) sentences with the speech movements created using speech recognition MPEG (5.2 Mb) (The speech material comes from the SpeechDat-project.)
  • It also works with english! The speech movements were created using speech recognition MPEG (1.2 Mb)



    Go to the Teleface homepage to read more about the Teleface project.

    Click to download Olga AVI

    Olga videos

  • Movie sequence of Olga with subtitles in english. Download as MOV (19.4 Mb) or AVI (17.2 Mb)



    Go to the Olga homepage to read more about the Olga project.

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    by Magnus Lundeberg