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I would like to express my thanks to the Royal Institute of Technology and the Royal Swedish Academy of Music for inviting me to participate in this seminar, and to the United States National Science Foundation for supporting my research at the University of Michigan


Kirk, R. (1959): "Tuning preferences for piano unison groups," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 31(12), pp. 1644-1648.

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Gabriel Weinreich has been dedicated to physics since the start of his career. After receiving his doctorate in Physics from Columbia University in 1953 he joined the Bell Telephone Laboratories, where he became a member of its pioneering group in solid state physics. Since 1960 he has been professor in Physics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has written textbooks on solid state physics and thermodynamics, as well as general physics. His research in musical acoustics, stimulated by his own playing of the piano and the cello, has dealt primarily with piano strings and bowed instruments. He is an ordained priest of the Episcopal Church.

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This lecture is one of Five lectures on the Acoustics of the piano

1990 Royal Swedish Academy of Music