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Director Musices Download Page

Director Musices 3 Multiplatform
Released 2013. Completely new stand-alone version developed by Jonathan Fischer Friberg. It includes many new features such as integrated MIDI player and improved score and rule editing.

Director Musices 2.7.1 for WINDOWS (5.8M)
Release 2007-08-14 Bugfix pDM format

Director Musices 2.7 for WINDOWS (5.8M)
Release 2006-10-19 Much faster, new MIDI mixing controls

Director Musices 2.6 for WINDOWS (5.2M)
Including support for pDM - real time music performance control

Director Musices 2.5a for GNU/Linux (0.8M)

Director Musices 2.1a for Macintosh PowerPC (2.5M)
Preliminary version: MIDI playing not tested

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