Sound Generation in Winds, Strings and Computers

Publication No. 29, 1980



  Preface 3
J.M. Chowning: Computer synthesis of the singing voice 4
Wind instruments and music acoustics
A.H. Benade: Introduction 15
  Sound production in wind instruments 17
  Sound radiation from instruments 47
  Instrument sound in a room 76
  References 99
Bowed instruments and music acoustics
C.M. Hutchins: History of violin research 102
  How to make a violin 130
  How the violin works 151
  Tuning of violin plates 165
  The new violin family 182
  References 201
E.V. Jansson: Function and factors determining quality of the violin 204
E.V. Jansson, J. Alonso Moral: Recent violin research at KTH 229
  Sound examples 246