2. List of Abbreviations and Conventions

The papers will be henceforth referred to by their Roman numerals.

Figures and Tables will be referred to by the same way as they appear in their respective papers.

Note name convention: the real note names, rather than the transposed ones are adopted throughout the thesis.

For example, in the alto saxophone, A4 stands for the standard A 440 Hz, rather than C4 as it would sound from a score.

D Pmouth amplitude of mouth pressure variations during vibrato

AW abdominal wall

c velocity of sound

EGG electroglottogram

ERV expiratory reserve volume

FG flow-glottogram

FRC functional residual capacity

IC inspiratory capacity

Irev sound intensity as estimated in the reverberant chamber

IVM isovolume manoeuvre

jnd just noticeable difference

p0 , Pmouth or Pm pressure in the mouth, blowing pressure

PFE power function exponent

RC rib cage

REL resting end-expiratory level

RIP respiratory inductive pletysmography

RV residual volume

SPL sound pressure level

TLC total lung capacity

Tr reverberation time

airflow through the reed/mouthpiece

VC vital capacity

Vt tidal volume

VVM vocal-ventricular (phonation) mode

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