Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference 1993


Preface v

Opening session

Bennet G: Musical composition and musical acoustics: -What have they to do with each other? (Invited paper) 3

Rossing T D: Musical acoustics research since SMAC 83. (Invited paper) 10

Sataloff R T: The contributions of voice science to voice care. (Invited paper) 20

Session Music Perception

D’Allessandro C & Castellengo M: The pitch of short-duration vibrato tones: experimental data and numerical model. 25

Camiz P: A physico-mathematical model for the spontaneous organization of the auditory cortex. 31

Deutch W A: Spectral peaks in auditory figure-background discrimination. 36

Friberg A & Sundberg J: Perception of just noticeable time displacement of a tone presented in a metrical sequence at different tempos. 39

Gong Z, Xiaomin G, & Wenxue X: Pitch-establishing time. 44

Parncutt R: Categorical perception of short rhythmic events. 47

Rakowski A: Investigating short-term auditory memory with the method of vocal pitch control. 53

Saiwaki N, Inokuchi S, Inouye T, Katayama S, & Hori Y: An analysis of electroencephalograms during music listening. 58

Session Music Performance

Battel G U & Bresin R: Analysis by synthesis in piano performance: a study on the theme of the Brahms´ "Variations on a theme of Paganini". 69

Bresin R, De Poli G, & Vidolin A: A neural networks based system of automatic performance of musical scores. 74

Castellengo M: Fusion or separation: From vibrato to vocal trill. 79

Edlund B: The tyranny of the bar-lines. Encoding notated meter in performance. 84

Fyk J: Static and dynamic model of musical intonation. 89

Födermayer F: "Parmi veder le lagrime". One aria, three interpretations. 96

Gabrielsson A: Intention and emotional expression in music performance. 108

Mazzola G: Musical interpretation via vector fields: A new human workstation on the NEXTSTEP environment. 112

Meyer J: Vibrato sounds in large halls. 117

Prame E: Measurements of the vibrato rate of 10 singers. 122

Repp B H: Musical motion: Some historical and contemporary perspectives (Invited paper) 128

Sundberg J, Friberg A, & Frydén L: Music and locomotion. Perception of tones with envelopes replicating force patterns of walking. 136

Taguti T, Ohgushi K & Sueoka T: Individual differences in the pedal work of piano performance. 142

Todd McAngus N P: Multi-scale analysis of expressive signals: Recovery of structure and motion. 146

Tro J: Perception of microdynamical variation in piano performances. 150

Session Singing

Brattström V, Odenrick L, & Kvam E: Facial appearance in professional singers and wind instrument players. 157

Estill J, Fujimura O, Erickson D, Zhang T & Beechler K: Vocal tract contribution to voice qualities. 161

Gramming P, Nord L, Sundberg J & Elliot N: Does the nose resonate during singing? 166

Hammarberg B & Södersten M: Glottal clossure patterns and waveform charachteristics in female speaking voices –a preliminary report. 172

Hertegård S & Gauffin J: Voice source-filter interaction during high-pitched female singing. 177

Hettergott A: Sprechgesangstimme in Arnold Schoenberg's 'pierrot lunair' 183

Howard D M & Rossiter D P: Real-time visual displays for use in singing training: An overview. 191

Imaizumi S, Saida H, Shimura Y & Hirose H: Harmonic analysis of the singing voice: Acoustic characteristics of vibrato. 197

Laukkanen A-M, Vilkman E & Laine U: On the effects of supralaryngeal acoustics on vocal function. A study with special reference to voice training with "resonance tubes". 201

Leino T: Long-term average spectrum study of speaking voice quality of male actors. 206

Lippus U: Prosody in singing 211

McAllister A, Sederholm E & Sundberg J: Acoustic and perceptual analysis of vocal registers in children. 216

Nawka T, Seidner W & Cebulla M: Experiments on arbitrarily influencing the singer's vibrato. 221

Pabon P: The phonetogram in singing voice analysis and synthesis. 228

Pelorson X, Hirschberg A, Auregan Y &Baillet H: Fluid dynamic aspects of voiced sound production: 1) a modified two-mass model. 234

Ross J & Lehiste I: Estonian laments: A study of their temporal structure. 240

Skålevik M: Sound radiation from the chest of bass singers. 244

Södersten M, Högset C & Sundberg J: Glottal airflow and subglottal pressure in the falsetto and modal registers of countertenor singers. 249

Sonninen A, Hurme P & Sundberg J: Physiological and acoustic observations of support in singing. 254

Ternström S: What can we learn from the acoustical study of choir singing? (Invited paper) 259

Troup G J, Djordjevic S, Bowe H, & Long J: A pilot study of the spectra of sustained sung consonants. 264

Vilkman E & Alku P: Register shift in the lower pitch range. 271

Session Synthesis Of Singing

Berndtsson G & Sundberg J: The MUSSE DIG Singing Synthesis, KTH, Stockholm (Baritone and Bass) 279

Dan T K, Mukherjee B & Datta A K: Temporal approach for synthesis of singing (soprano 1) 282

Pabon P: A rel time singing voice synthesizer (Alto) 288

Cook P R: New control strategies for the Singer Articulatory Voice Synthesis System (soprano 2) 294

Titze I & Story B: The Iowa Singing Synthesis (Tenor) 294

Session Piano and Percussion

Askenfelt A: Observations on the transient components of the piano tone. 297

Galembo A & Askenfelt A: Measuring inharmonicity through pitch extraction. 302

Hall D E: String excitation: piano, harpsichord and clavichord. (Invited paper) 309

Hansen U J & Rossing T D: Vibrational mode splitting in almond-shaped cylinders. 315

Koornhof G W & van der Walt A J: The influence of touch on piano sound. 318

Nakamura I & Naganuma D: Characteristics of piano sound spectra. 325

Rossing T D & von Falkenhausen L: The effect of geometry on the tone separation in Chinese two-tone bells. 331

Session Violin

Askenfelt A: A look at violin bows. 341

Barlow C Y & Woodhouse J: Microstructure and properties of bent spruce. 346

Bazant P, Stephanek T & Melka A: Predicting sound quality of violin from its frequency response. 351

Bork I: Impulse measurements on violin 355

Bowie J C: Principles in acoustic bridge design. 361

Guettler K: Dynamics of the sound spectrum with relation to bow pressure, string torsion, bow/hair compliance and resin characteristics. 364

Hanson R J, Anderson J M & Macomber H K: Measurements of nonlinear effects in a vibrating wire. 369

Hutchins C M: Tonal effects of interactions between the two lowest cavity modes and three body modes of the violin. 373

Inoue T & Tonegawa H: Measured level and phase contours of pressure on the surface of vibrating shells. 379

Jansson E V, Niewczyk B & Frydén L: Timbre and properties of a violin. 383

Kondo M & Kubota H: Bowed string seen in the light of acceleration. 387

Langhoff A: Measurement of acoustic violin spectra and their interpretation using a 3D representation. 392

Molin N-E, Saldner H O, & Jansson E V: Eigenmodes and electronic holography on three violins. 397

Müller H A: The acoustical quality of the violin with respect to its physical properties. (Invited paper) 402

Pitteroff R: Modelling of the bowed-string taking into acount the width of the bow. 407

Rodgers O E: The limits of violin plate tuning, an overview. 411

Schleske M: The influence of changes in the distribution of mass and stiffness of violin-plates on eigenfrequencies and mode-shapes of the violin. 420

Schumacher RT: Aperiodicity, subharmonics, and noise in bowed string instruments. 428

Weinreich G: Radiativity revisited: theory and experiment ten years later. (Invited paper) 432

Woodhouse J: A set of test violins for player-rating experiments. 438

Session Guitar

Karjalainen M & Välimäki V: Model-based analysis/synthesis of the acoustic guitar. 443

Lambourg C & Chaigne A: Measurement and modeling of the admittance matrix at the bridge in guitars. 448

Meinel E: Modal analysis on zither. 454

Richardson B E: Numerical modelling of stringed musical instruments. (Invited paper) 457

Session Wind Instruments

Agulló J, Cardona S & Keefe D H: Time-domain measurements of reflection functions for discontinuities in wind-instrument air columns. 465

Amir N, Rosenhouse G & Shimony U: Reconstructing the bore of brass wind instruments: theory and experiments. 479

Kergomard J: New resonators having harmonic eigenfrequencies. 476

Dalmont J P & Gilbert J: Inharmonicity and ease of playing of the saxophone. 482

Dudley J D & Strong W J: Computer simulation of a trumpet with mechanical "lips". 486

Fletcher N: Nonlinearity, transients and spectra. (Invited paper) 490

Keefe D H, Barjau A & Agulló J: Theory of wave propagation in axisymmetric horns. 496

Kobata T & Idogawa T: Measurements of the variables taking part in the sounding of a clarinet artificially blown. 501

Krüger W: Player's experiences, signal processing, and the design of woodwind instruments. 505

Moral J A & Alarcia A A : Acoustics of the txistu. 510

Stepánek J, Otcenásek Z & Syrový V: Acoustic documentation of church organs. 516

Strong W J & Dudley J D: Simulation of a player-trumpet system. 520

Verge M-P & Caussé R: Linear analysis of the initial transients of a recorder. 525

Workshop: Methods

Hansen U J & Bork I: Adapting techniques of modal analysis to sound field representation. 533

Merlier B: Space and music. 539

Stanzial D: Can humans perceive the energy field of sound? 545

Strulov A: The hysteretic model of the grand piano hammer-string interaction. 548

Sundin N-G: Aesthetic criteria of musical interpretation in contemporary music. 551

Widholm G & Winkler W: Evaluation of musical instrument quality by computer systems. Examples of realisation. 560

Session Physical Modelling

Chaigne A: Some thoughts on physical modelling. 569

Doutaut V & Chaigne A: Time domain simulations of xylophone bars. 574

Richard G, d'Alessandro C & Grau S: Musical noises synthesis using random Formant Waveforms. 580

Rocchesso D & Turra F: A generalized excitor for real-time sound synthesis by physical models. 584

Woodhouse J: Computer modelling of the bowed string. 589

Adresses to authors 595

Sound examples 598