Music Acoustics projects: Voice Acoustics

The voice is our primary means of communication: it can transmit not only words, but also a wealth of non-verbal information about its owner. Our role is to further our understanding of the voice, by bridging the gaps between physics, performance and care. Medical diagnosis and assessment of vocal function is a major topic, where we collaborate primarily with the Karolinska Institute. The acoustic signal is only an indirect manifestation of what the vocal folds and the vocal tract are doing, so non-acoustic tools such as imaging and modelling of the voice are also necessary for this work. We also research how the voice is used in the performing arts, such as theatrical speech, and in the various styles of singing such as classical, commercial, folk and choirs.

Active projects:

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Completed projects:

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Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

Last updated: 2008-06-23