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Speech Music Hearing
Andersson, S., & Gribbe, L. Musikperception hos hörselskadade (Music perception among hearing impaired)
Bodin, E., & Hagerman, V. Notifikation genom ljudförändring (Notification using sound alteration)
Bygdeman, H., & Larsson, L. Musikers inställning till musicerande med iOS- produkter inom elektronisk musik (Musicians attitude to using iOS products for music making in electronic music)
Frid, E., & Almqvist, A. Musik ur tomma luften: En musikleksak baserad på Kinect (Music Out of Thin Air: A musical toy based on Kinect)
Paloranta, J., & Renström, I. Automized optimization of stage monitor hearing: Moving the monitor hearing sweet spot in real time - a solution for the moving musicians on stage?

Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

Last updated: 2012-10-26