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Speech Music Hearing
Meena, R. Data-driven Methods for Spoken Dialogue Systems - Applications in Language Understanding, Turn-taking, Error Detection, and Knowledge Acquisition [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7595-866-8; ISSN 1653-5723

Strömbergsson, S. The /k/s, the /t/s, and the inbetweens: Novel approaches to examining the perceptual consequences of misarticulated speech [pdf]
ISBN ISBN-978-91-7595-050-1; ISSN ISSN 1653-5723

Dubus, G. Interactive sonification of motion: Design, implementation and control of expressive auditory feedback with mobile devices [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7501-858-4; ISSN 1653-5723
Lopes, J. Lexical Entrainment in Spoken Dialog Systems

Al Moubayed, S. Bringing the avatar to life [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7501-551-4; ISSN 1653-5723
Koniaris, C. Perceptually Motivated Speech Recognition and Mispronunciation Detection [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7501-468-5
Neiberg, D. Modelling Paralinguistic Conversational Interaction: Towards social awareness in spoken human-machine dialogue [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7501-467-8; ISSN 1653-5723

Ananthakrishnan, G. From Acoustics to Articulation [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7501-215-5
Edlund, J. In search of the conversational homunculus - serving to understand spoken human face-to-face interaction [pdf]
ISBN 1653-5723
Fabiani, M. Interactive computer-aided expressive music performance - Analysis, control, modification, and synthesis methods [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7501-031-1; ISSN 1653-5723
Laskowski, K. Predicting, detecting and explaining the occurrence of vocal activity in multi-party conversation [pdf]
Wik, P. The Virtual Language Teacher: Models and applications for language learning using embodied conversational agents [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7415-990-5

Björkman, B. Spoken Lingua Franca English at a Swedish Technical University: An Investigation of Form and Communicative Effectiveness
ISBN 978-91-7447-026-0
Hansen, K. F. The acoustics and performance of DJ scratching. Analysis and modeling [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7415-541-9
Hjalmarsson, A. Human interaction as a model for spoken dialogue system behaviour [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7415-703-1; ISSN 1653-5723

Lamarche, A. M-J. Putting the Singing Voice on the Map - towards improving the Quantitative Evaluation of Voice Status in Professional Female Singers
ISBN 978-91-7415-218-0
Schoonderwaldt, E. Mechanics and acoustics of violin bowing: Freedom, constraints and control in performance [pdf]
Papers not included in electronic version; ISBN 978-91-7415-208-1; ISSN 1653 5723

Salomão, G. L. Registros vocais no canto: aspectos perceptivos, acústicos, aerodinâmicos e fisiológicos da voz modal e da voz de falsete (Vocal Registers: perceptual, acoustic, aerodynamic and physiological aspects of modal and falsetto registers)

Cerrato, L. Investigating communicative Feedback Phenomena across Languages and Modalities [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7178-632-6
Skantze, G. Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems - Managing Uncertainty, Grounding and Miscommunication [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7178-788-0; ISSN 1653-5723

Björkner, E. Why so different? Aspects of voioce characteristics in operatic and musical theatre singing [pdf]
ISBN 91-7178-518-3; ISSN 1653-5723
Jande, P-A. Modelling Phone-Level Pronunciation in Discourse Context [pdf]
Melin, H. Automatic speaker verification on site and by telephone: methods, applications and assessment [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7178-531-2
Salvi, G. Mining Speech Sounds, Machine Learning Methods for Automatic Speech Recognition and Analysis [pdf]
ISBN 91-7178-446-2; ISSN 1653-5723
Öster, A-M. Computer-Based Speech Therapy Using Visual Feedback with Focus on Children with Profound Hearing Impairments
Framlagd 06 06 15 Handledare: David House; TRITA-CSC-A 2006:10; ISRN-KTH/CSC/A-06/10-SE; ISBN 91-7178-399-7; ISSN 1653-5723

Dahl, S. On the Beat. Human movement and timing in the production and perception of music
Framlagd 05 09 29. Handledare: Anders Askenfelt; TRITA-TMH 2005:5; ISBN 91-7178-134-X; ISSN 1104-5787
Hincks, R. Computer Support for Learners of Spoken English [pdf]
ISBN 91-7178-180-3

Nordqvist, P. Sound classification in hearing instruments [pdf]
Framlagd 2004-06-03. Handledare: Arne Leijon (tillhör S3 fr 040101); TRITA-S3-SIP 2004:2; ISBN 91-7283-763-2; ISSN 1652-4500
Smeds, K. Less is more? Loudness aspects of prescriptive methods for nonlinear hearing aids
Framlagd 2004-05-28. Handledare: Arne Leijon (tillhör S3 fr 040101); TRITA-S3-SIP 2004:1; ISBN 91-7283-762-4; ISSN 1652-4500

Bell, L. Linguistic adaptations in spoken human-computer dialogues. Empirical studies of user behavior [pdf]
ISBN ISBN 91-7283-579-6
Beskow, J. Talking heads - Models and applications for multimodal speech synthesis
ISBN ISBN 91-7283-536-2
Gobl, C. The voice source in speech communication. Production and perception experiments involving inverse filtering and synthesis
ISBN ISBN 91-7283-630-X
Granqvist, S. Computer methods for voice analysis
Framlagd 2003-03-28. Handledare: Johan Sundberg; TRITA-TMH 2003:2; ISBN 91-7283-461-7; ISSN 1104-5787
Seward, A. Efficient methods for automatic speech recognition
ISBN ISBN 91-7283-657-1
Thomasson, M. From Air to Aria. Relevance of Respiratory Behaviour to Voice Function in Classical Western Vocal Art
Framlagd 2003-05-16. Handledare: Johan Sundberg; TRITA-TMH 2003:5; ISBN 91-628-5703-7; ISSN 1104-5787

Engwall, O. Tongue Talking - Studies in Intraoral Speech Synthesis [pdf]
ISBN ISBN 91-7283-258-9; ISSN ISSN 1104-5787
Guettler, K. The Bowed String. On the Development of Helmholtz Motion and On the Creation of Anomalous Low Frequencies
Framlagd 2002-04-05. Handledare: Anders Askenfelt; TRITA-TMH 2002:3, 91-7283-279-7; ISSN 1100-5787
Gustafson, J. Developing multimodal spoken dialogue systems. Empirical studies of spoken human-computer interaction [pdf]
ISSN ISSN 1104-5787, CTT
Megyesi, B. Data-Driven Syntactic Analysis - Methods and Applications for Swedish
ISBN ISBN 91-7283-384-X; ISSN ISSN 1104-5787,

Heldner, M. Focal accent - F0 movements and beyond
ISBN 91-7305-133-0
Iwarsson, J. Breathing and phonation. effects of lung volume and breathing behavior on voice function
ISBN Doctorial thesis, ISBN 91-628-4522-5

Bresin, R. Virtual Virtuosity. Studies in Automatic Music Performance [pdf]
ISBN 91-7170-643-7; ISSN 1104-5787

Fuks, L. From air to music. Acoustical, physiological and perceptual aspects of reed wind instrument playing and vocal-ventricular fold phonation
Framlagd 1999 01 22. Handledare: Johan Sundberg; TRITA-TMH 1998:6, ISRN KTH/TMH/FR--98/6-SE; ISSN 1104-5787

McAllister, A. Acoustic, perceptual and physiological studies of ten-year-old children´s voices
Framlagd 97 03 14. Handledare: Johan Sundberg
Ström, N. Automatic continuous speech recognition with rapid speaker adaptation for human/machine interaction
Framlagd 1997 12 05. Handledare: Björn Granström; TRITA-TMH 1997:6, ISRN KTH/TMH/FR--97/6--SE; ISSN 1104-5787

Sederholm, E. Hoarseness in ten-year-old children. Perceputal characteristics, prevalence and etiology
Framlagd 96 12 20. Handledare: Johan Sundberg, Britta Hammarberg

Berndtsson, G. Systems for synthesising singing and for enhancing the acoustics of music room. Two aspects of shaping musical sounds
Framlagd 1995 05 12. Handledare: Johan Sundberg. Musikakustik; TRITA-TMH 1995:4. . ISRN/ KTH/TMH/FR--95/5/4--SE; ISSN 1104-5787
Friberg, A. A Quantitative Rule System for Musical Expression [pdf]

Blomberg, M. Towards production-oriented techniques for speech recognition
Dissertation, ISRN KTH/TMH/FR--94/4--SE
Hertegård, S. Vocal fold vibrations as studied with flow inverse filtering
ISBN Dissertation, ISBN 91-628-1378-1

Elenius, K. Techniques and devices for automatic speech recognitiion. Acoustic front-end processing and selected linguistic aspects
Framlagd 1993 06 04. Handledare: Björn Granström/Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring; ISRN KTH/TÖM/FR-93/2-SE. TRITA-TÖM 1993:2. ; ISSN 0280-9850

Karlsson, I. Analysis and Synthesis of Different Voices with Emphasis on Female Speech
TRITA-TÖM 1992:3, Dissertation
Öhngren, G. Touching Voices: Components of Direct Tactually Supported Speechreading

Lin, Q. Speech production theory and articulatory speech synthesis
Framlagd 1990 03 16. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring; TRITA-TÖM-90-1. ; ISSN 0280-9850

Ternström, S. Acoustical aspects of choir singing
Framlagd 1989 10 06. Handledare: Johan Sundberg. Musikakustik; TRITA/TÖM-89/5. ; ISSN 0280-9850

Askenfelt, A. Analyzing acoustic characteristics of melody, instruments and voice
Framlagd 1988 05 20. Handledare: Johan Sundberg. Musikakustik; TRITA-TÖM-88-2. ; ISSN 0280-9850
Gramming, P. The phonetogram. An experimental and clinical study
Framlagd 1988. Lunds universitet. Foniatri. Handledare: Johan Sundberg
Hunnicutt, S. Linguistic methods in communication aids
Framlagd 1988 05 28. Handledare: Björn Granström/Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring

Nilsonne, Å. Speech in depression: A methodological study of prosody
Framlagd 1987. Karolinska institutet. Psykiatri. Handledare: Johan Sundberg
Nord, L. Acoustic-phonetic studies of Swedish with an excursion into pathological speech
Framlagd 1987 04 22. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring; TRITA-TÖM-87-1. ; ISSN 0280-9850

Hammarberg, B. Perceptual and acoustic analysis of dysphonia
Framlagd 1986. Karolinska Institutet. Logopedi. Handledare: Johan Sundberg
Lundin, F. Problems of speech transmission in rooms
Framlagd 1986 05 20. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring; TRITA-TÖM-86-2. ; ISSN 0280-9850

Liljencrants, J. Speech synthesis with a reflection-type line analog
Framlagd 1985 08 26. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring; TRITA-TÖM-85-2. ; ISSN 0280-9850

Moral, J. A. Acoustics of the violin. Function and quality
Framlagd 1984 04 27. Handledare: Johan Sundberg. Musikakustik; TRITA-TÖM-84/3. ; ISSN 0280-9850
Spens, K-E. To "hear" with the skin
Framlagd 1984 04 26. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring; TRITA-TÖM 84:2. ; ISSN 0280-9850

Risberg, A. Bestämning av hörkapacitet och talperceptionsförmåga vid svåra hörselskador
Framlagd 1979 03 23. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring; TRITA-TLF-79-2

Carlson, R., & Granström, B. Perception and synthesis of speech
Framlagd 1977 05 17. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring

Cleveland, T. The acoustic properties of voice timbre types and their importance in the determination of voice classification in male singers
Framlagd 1976. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. Handledare: Johan Sundberg. Musik

Martony, J. Om talperception hos gravt hörselskadade och döva
Framlagd 1975 01 24. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring

Jansson, E. Investigation of acoustical phenomena as revealed by properties of musical instruments
Framlagd 1973. Handledare: Johan Sundberg. Musikakustik

Gauffin, J. Larynxmekanismerna och ansatsrörets transmissionsegenskaper
Framlagd 1972 09 27. Handledare: Gunnar Fant. Talöverföring

Öhman, S. Studies in articulatory coordination

Sundberg, J. Mensurens betydelse i öppna labialpipor. Studier av resonansegenskaper, insvängningsförlopp och stationärt spektrum. (With an English summary.)
Framlagd 1966. Uppsala universitet

Fant, G. On the acoustics of speech
Framlagd 1958. Dept of Telegraphy-Telephony, KTH, Stockholm

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