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LaTeX resources at TMH

This is a collection of tools that might help LaTeX users in producing documents in the style used at TMH.

  • tmhexjob.tgz: a package for master thesis reports with an extended example. This is deprecated: refer to the LaTeX page at NADA instead.
  • kth-slide.tgz: a class for KTH slide presentations with examples.
  • qpsrcls.tgz: a LaTeX class for QPSR publications (NEW!!!).
  • visitcard.tgz: how you can make your visit cards according to KTH rules.
  • sampa_latex_en.pdf and sampa_latex_se.pdf: big tables with IPA, SAMPA, HTK-SAMPA, STA phonetic symbols for Brithish English and Swedish, and how to obtain them in LaTeX (requires the TIPA package, on Linux try 'module add tipa').

See also the page LaTeX and TeX at NADA

Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing

Last updated: 2006-03-02