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Speech Music Hearing
Enflo, L. Alternative Measures of Phonation: Collision Threshold Pressure and Electroglottographic Spectral Tilt. Extra: Perception of Swedish Accents [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7415-712-3

Koniaris, C. A Study on Selecting and Optimizing Perceptually Relevant Features for Automatic Speech Recognition [pdf]
ISBN 978-91-7415-478-8; ISSN 1653-5146

Svanfeldt, G. Expressiveness in Virtual Talking Faces
ISBN 978-91-7178-530-5

Karnebäck, S. Spectro-temporal properties of the acoustic speech signal used for speech/music discrimination [pdf]
ISBN 91-7283-872-8; ISSN 1104-5787

Dahl, S. Striking movements: movement strategies and expression in percussive playing
Framlagd 2003-05-09. Handledare: Anders Askenfelt; TRITA-TMH 2003:3; ISBN 9-7283-480-3; ISSN 1104-5787

Magnuson, T. Assessment of writing difficulties and evaluation of computerized writing support
ISBN 91-7283-375-0; ISSN 1104-5787

Guettler, K. Development of Helmholtz motion and related wave patterns in the bowed string
ISSN Licentiate thesis, ISBN 91-7283-080-8

Bell, L. Linguistic adaptations in spoken and multimodal dialogue systems
ISBN 91-7283-009-3; ISSN 1104-5787
Granqvist, S. Computer methods for perceptual, acoustic and laryngoscopic voice analysis
ISBN 91-7283-013-1; ISSN 1104-5787
Lindberg, J. Speech technology for secure transactions. Three aspects of speaker verification deployed over the telephone network
ISRN KTH/TMH/FR--00/6--SE; ISSN 1104-5787
Lindberg, N. Data driven methods in natural language processing - Two applications
Framlagd 2000-06-13. Handledare: Rolf Carlson; TRITA-TMH 2000:4 . ISRN KTH/TMH/FR--00/4--SE. ; ISBN 91-7170-577-5
Prame, E. Vibrato and intonation in classical singing
ISBN 91-7283-001-8; ISSN 1104-5787
Smeds, K. Cochlear hearing loss and evaluation of prescriptive methods for non-linear hearing aids
ISBN 91-7170-634-8; ISSN 1104-5787
Öhman, T. Vision in speech technology. Automatic measurements of visual speech and audiovisual intelligibility of synthetic and natural faces
ISRN KTH/TMH/FR--99/5--SE; ISSN 1104-5787

Båvegård, M. Towards an articulatory speech syntheziser: Model development and simulations
Framlagd 1996- 02 16. Handledare: Gunnar Fant
Gustafson, J. A Swedish name pronounciation system [pdf]
Framlagd 1996 06 03. Handledare: Björn Granström; TRITA-TM 1996:4, ISRN KTH/TMH/FR--96/4---SE; ISSN 1104-5787
Högberg, J. Some studies of the relation between speech acoustics, articulation and phonetic structure
Framlagd 1996 03 26. Handledare: Björn Granström; TRITA-TMH 1996:2, ISRN KTH/TMH/FR--96/2--SE; ISSN 1104-5787

Neovius, L. Parameter-controlled synthesisers in speech research and applied text-to-speech systems
Handledare: Björn Granström. Talöverföring; TRITA-TMH 1995:5. . ISRN KTH/TMH/FR- -95/5- -SE; ISSN 1104-5787

Öster, A. The speech of deaf children. Phonological assessment as a basis for speech training
Framlagd 1992 04 22. Lingvist. inst., SU. Fonetik. Handledare: Arne Risberg

Lindblom, B. On vowal reduction

Öhman, S. On the perception of Swedish consonants in intervocalic position

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