Installation Notes for Snack and Tcl/Tk

Snack for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP

Snack requires that you first install Tcl/Tk (preferrably v8.4).

The latest Tcl/Tk distributions also contain Snack which makes a separate installation unnecessary. In case you want a more recent version of Snack you have to use the Snack installer. If you use the ActiveState installer please make sure to install for all users when prompted. If you encounter problems installing Snack check out the FAQ.

Test the distribution by selecting the menu Start->Snack 2.2 -> Widget Tour (if you installed with the Snack installer) or run widget.tcl found in \Tcl\demos\snack\.

Snack for UNIX (stand alone and Netscape plug-in)

Installation instructions can be found in the README file of the distribution.

Snack browser plug-in add-on for Windows 95/98/NT

Note: you must use Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4, or later versions.

The Snack browser plug-in add-on requires that you first install the Tcl plug-in 2.0. Skip the tests if you like.

After installing the Tcl plug-in, run the self-extracting executable snackplug16.exe.

If you installed the Tcl plug-in somewhere else than C:\TclPlug\, you will have to modify the install directory for Snack accordingly (default is C:\TclPlug\2.0\Snack1.6). You can also use a later Snack version, just remember to use the binary release for Tcl8.0. Replace the library files by hand.

Restart your browser and test the plug-in on the using Snack on the web or examples of Snack web pages.

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