Installation Notes for Snack and Python

Snack must currently be used in conjunction with Tkinter, which uses Tcl/Tk. Tcl/Tk is often included with Python distributions, but you must make sure you have a matching installation of Snack and Tcl/Tk. For example, the Windows distributions for Python 1.6-2.2 use Tcl 8.3 and Python 1.5.2 uses Tcl 8.0.5. If you build from source make sure that versions match. If you installed a Windows binary, make sure you download and install a matching Snack binary.

You can check which version of Tcl/Tk that Tkinter uses by typing the following lines at the Python prompt:

import Tkinter
Tkinter.Tk().tk.eval('info tclversion')

Snack is accessed using the tkSnack module located in the python directory of the source distribution.
You need to have the file in your Python path. The installer should put this file in your Lib directory, search for it and move it by hand it this installation step failed.
If you have several versions of Python installed on your system the Snack installer will first look for the Python 2.2 installation and put the files there. Otherwise, it will search for version 2.1, 2.0, and 1.6. It will currently not install for multiple versions, so in this case you will have to move the files by hand.

A default installation of Python 2.2 and Snack on Windows might look like this (depending on were Python was installed):


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