Homepage for XS

Current version is 2.1

Important notice

All xs functionality but in a much neater implementation is available in the new WaveSurfer package. xs will continue to be a part of the Snack distribution mostly as a testbench for new features. All users are strongly encouraged to use the WaveSurfer instead.

About xs

xs is sound file viewer built using the Tcl/Tk scripting language and the Snack Sound Extension. It runs on all platforms supported by Snack (Unix and Windows). xs is provided as an example (without any copyrights) of how to use Snack to create cross-platform sound applications. It is included in the Snack distribution, in the demos directory.


Included tools

Some usage hints

Keyboard shortcut summary:
F1 Play between first mark and mouse pointer position. 
Control-o  Open file 
Control-s Save file
Control-p Play whole file / current label 
Control-n Open new xs window
Control-r Refresh window 
Control-l  Place cursor at leftmost label in window 

Using the audio server

By using the audio server, which is included in the distribution, you can get xs to play audio using the audio hardware on a different computer. Start the script aserver.tcl on the desired computer and use the settings panel of xs to specify this host. Do not forget to select the "Use audio server at" option.

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