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Associates and alumni of the Sound and Music Computing Group

This list is incomplete, more to follow.

Researchers and Ph.D students

Gunilla Berndtsson PhD student, graduated 1995.

Eva Björkner, PhD student, graduated 2006.

Mikael Bohman research engineer 2001-2005.

Sofia Dahl, PhD student, graduated 2005.

Leonardo Fuks, PhD student, graduated 1999.

Jenny Iwarsson PhD student, graduated 2001.

Anita McAllister PhD student, graduated 1997.

Jesus Alonso Moral PhD student, graduated 1984.

Åsa Nilsonne PhD student, graduated 1987.

Eric Prame Tekn.Lic. 2000.

Elisabeth Sederholm PhD student, graduated 1996.

Monica Thomasson PhD student, graduated 2003.

Visiting researchers

Marcos Alonso, guest researcher, COST ConGAS STSM 2006.

Ginevra Castellano, guest researcher, COST ConGAS STSM 2006.

Smilen Dimitrov, guest researcher, COST ConGAS STSM 2006.

Alex Galembo, associate researcher.

Bruno Giordano, guest researcher, Marie Curie fellow 2003 and COST ConGAS STSM 2005.

Werner Goebl, Marie Curie fellow 2001.

Emilia Gómez, Marie Curie fellow 2003.

Anke Grell, Marie Curie fellow 2003.

Knut Guettler, associate researcher, PhD 2002.

Nathalie Henrich, Marie Curie post-doc 2002.

David Howard, associate researcher.

Harald Jers, Marie Curie fellow 2004.

Laura Lehto, Marie Curie fellow 2003.

Damian Murphy, associate researcher.

Glaucia Salomão, guest researcher 2006-2007.

Jan Švec, associate researcher.

Rachel van Besouw, guest researcher 2004-2005.

M.Sc. graduates (since 2004)

Separate list

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