So-to-Speak: an exploratory platform for investigating the interplay between style and prosody in TTS

Éva Székely, Siyang Wang and Joakim Gustafson

Proceedings of Interspeech 2023, Dublin, Ireland
The paper in pdf

This is a Show & Tell presented at Interspeech 2023. We introduce So-to-Speak, a customisable interface tailored for showcasing the capabilities of different controllable TTS systems. The interface allows for the generation, synthesis, and playback of hundreds of samples simultaneously, displayed on an interactive grid, with variation both low level prosodic features and high level style controls. To offer insights into speech quality, automatic estimates of MOS scores are presented for each sample. So-to-Speak facilitates the audiovisual exploration of the interaction between various speech features, which can be useful in a range of applications in speech technology.