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4th Pan European Voice Conference

held in the beautiful city of Stockholm on August 23-26, 2001


Pan European Voice Conferences
by Johan Sundberg

Since 1972, the Voice Foundation of America has been conducting an annual conference for voice professionals. The conferences, always held in the United States, have become classics of their kind, permitting interdisciplinary exchanges between the many professional disciplines that have an interest in and a contribution to make to the understanding of the human voice. Unfortunately, travelling to the USA is still a costly undertaking for many. As a consequence, European attendance at these Voice Conferences has been limited. However, much valuable voice research is being done in Europe and there is a manifest need for a forum in Europe where voice professionals can come together to present their findings and exchange experiences with colleagues in the pedagogical, therapeutic and scientific areas. It was in response to this need that the Pan European Voice Conferences (PEVOC), a series of biannual conferences ambulating between European cities, was conceived in 1995. In that year the British Voice Association hosted the first PEVOC conference in London. The second, in 1997, was organized by the Department of Phoniatrics and Paedaudiology of the University of Regensburg in Germany, and the third, in 1999, by the Institute of Phoniatrics at Utrecht University. Good attendance at all three meetings has provided a convincing corroboration of the soundness of the initiative.

The responsibility for organizing the biannual conferences is passed like a torch in a relay race from one interested voice organization in one country to a like-minded organization in another European country. Thus is born not another organization but a tradition to stimulate research by interdisciplinary exchange and to share the findings of research amongst all who are interested. To promote the scientific quality of the presentation at the PEVOC meetings an Advisory Committee has been established, headed by Secretary General Gunnar Rugheimer and composed of experts in the various fields of voice including scientific, clinical, pedagogical, therapeutic, and artistic fields. The responsibility of this Committee is to encourage scientists to present their recent findings to the voice community in Europe.

  Final update: March 2002