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WaveSurfer is a Tcl/Tk application that uses the Snack sound toolkit which is written in C for performance reasons. WaveSurfer can be extended in several ways. For example, using a combination of C/C++ code and Tcl, like in the OGG/Vorbis and NIST/Sphere plug-ins. Please refer to the Snack documentation for more information on how to do this. Pure Tcl is another extension option, like most of WaveSurfer's default plug-ins. Tcl can also be used in other combinations, for example to call external programs.

WaveSurfer Plug-in Architecture (for adding new functionality to WaveSurfer)

wsurf widget manual (for using WaveSurfer widgets in custom applications)

wsurf library manual (for using WaveSurfer widgets in custom applications)

There are example plug-ins in the source distribution which gives examples of how the WaveSurfer plug-in API is intended to be used.

Also included are several application scripts that show how to use WaveSurfer widgets and how to embed WaveSurfer in custom applications.

The Annotation Graph Toolkit developed by the LDC uses WaveSurfer in some of its annotation tools, which can serve as inspiration.

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