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Mbrola speech plug-in for Wavesurfer speak.plug by Dimitrios Zachariadis

WaveSurfer is part of the AGNULA distribution of Linux sound software.

WaveSurfer is part of the DEBIAN Linux distribution.

The Annotation Graph Toolkit contains various audio transcription tools that use WaveSurfer widgets for the signal visualization part. The tools are written in the Python scripting language.

WaveSurfer incorporates code from the ESPS speech analysis library. ESPS has been licensed to the Centre for Speech Technology by Microsoft and AT&T. The ESPS source code release can be found here. Please note that we can not provide any support for this release, as stated in the included README-file.

WaveSurfer - an open source speech tool (ps format) (paper in pdf format) a paper presented at the ICSLP 2000 conference in Beijing, China.

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