Eva Björkner
Ph D

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Fields of interest:

  • The singing voice
  • The influence of subglottal pressure on the voice source
  • Differences between singing styles in terms of  - the acoustics, voice source  conditions, muscular- & aerodynamical forces, posture, etc.

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
TMH - Dept of Speech, Music and Hearing

Contact information:
Lindstedtsv. 24
100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

Work phone: +46 706 204720

In other countries:
2003 - 2006 at TKK - Finland

2006 Apr - Oct at the Music Techn Research group -Univ of York

Foto: Joakim Serrander


Eva started her doctoral studies with Professor Johan Sundberg
as supervisor in March 2003.
With a background as singer and singing teacher focus on the singing voice was a natural choice. Differences between classical and "non-classical" singing - why these techniques are so hard to combine is the red thread through her thesis by exploring the influence of subglottal pressure on the voice source, voice source differencies between singing styles and the power of the amplitude quotient AQ (Alku & Vilkman 1996) and the normalized version NAQ (Alku et al. 2002). AQ has been found, in flow glottogram waveforms, to systematically reflect changes in phonation type and NAQ has been found to correlate with degree of percieved phonatory pressedness (Sundberg et al. 2002).

From Mars 2003 until March 2006  Eva
was funded by the HOARSE network and situated in Finland at TKK with Professor Paavo Alku - Helsinki University of Technology. From April - October 2006 she was funded by STINT working at the University of York with Professor David Howard in the music technology group.

Eva defended her thesis
"Why so different? - Aspects of voice characteristics in operatic and musical theatre singing." Friday 8th of December 2006 at the KTH - Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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