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Greta Listening to Expressive Music

In this page we present an application in which the embodied conversation agent Greta is listening to expressive music performance. Starting from studies on the expressivity in Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs) and in music performance we developed a system in which visual feedback of an acoustic source is given to the user using a graphical representation of a human face.

The expressive behavior of Greta depends on the emotional and acoustic characteristics of the music performance she is listening to. The system incorporates a previously developed system realized by KTH Stockholm and Uppsala University for the real-time extraction and analysis of acoustic cues from the music performance. It has been interfaced with the ECA Greta developed at the University of Rome ``La Sapienza'' and University of Paris 8.

Youtube video


This project was originally started as an interchange within the HUMAINE NoE called ”From acoustic cues to expressive ECAs”


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