May 17-18

An international symposium on music performance will be arranged in Stockholm on May 17-18, 2002. It is sponsored by the Scienfic Office at the Italian Embassy in Stockholm and the Italian Cultural Institute "C. M. Lerici".
The symposium has two aims. One is to elucidate the research on the
KTH Director Musices generative grammar of music performance that has been carried out in various places over the last years. This will be the theme of the first day. The other, covered during the second day, is to discuss the present scientific landscape of music performance research in general.

The evening of the first day, May 17, a concert is arranged at the Italian Cultural Institute "C. M. Lerici".

The STOMPS 2002 programme is as follows (programme in PDF format):

1st day: May 17th 2nd day: May 18th
10:00 Learning from music performance rules: modelling performances at CSC
Giovanni De Poli
DEI, Università di Padova
  Studying performance empirically: aims, methods, prospects
Eric Clarke
Department of Music, University of Sheffield
10:30 Optimal estimation of KTH rule quantity parameters
Patrik Zanon & Giovanni De Poli
DEI, Università di Padova
  28-hour continuous performance of Erik Satie's "Vexations": Initial results from the performance analysis
Reinhard Kopiez
Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hannover

Coffee break

11:15 A review of two experiments on rule-based expression in computer generated music, and reflections on the need for a functional terminology for expression in performed music
Shelley Katz
The International Study Centre, Queen's University
  Rhythmic categories and expressive timing
Peter Desain
Music, Mind, Machine group, Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information
11:45 Looking at Mozart with machine learning methods
Gerhard Widmer
Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, ÖFAI, Vienna
  The contribution of performed accents to emotional expression in music
Erik Lindström
Department of Psychology, Uppsala University

Lunch break


Expressive performance classification by audio cues analysis
Roberto Dillon
DIST, Università di Genova

  Spectral models for musical sound synthesis: expression issues
Xavier Serra
Audiovisual Institute, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona
14:30 DM vs real pianist: performance of 20 bars of Mozart K 332 Adagio. Comparison and comments.
Johan Sundberg, Roberto Bresin, Anders Friberg
  What is a musical performance?
Andrew Schloss
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Victoria
15:00 Models for articulation, ensemble swing, and gestural phrasing.
Roberto Bresin, Anders Friberg
  Final remarks

 Coffee break


Panel discussion  




The symposium is organised by the Music Acoustics Group at KTH. It will take place in the Italian Cultural Institute "C. M. Lerici", address Gärdesgatan 14, Stockholm. The participation is free.

For more information about STOMPS 2002 please write to Roberto Bresin:


Anders Friberg, Johan Sundberg, Roberto Bresin
Organising Committee

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