August_logo is a Swedish multi-modal spoken dialogue system
AugustThe animated agent is named after the 19th century author August Strindberg Strindberg
Based on existing speech technology components developed at CTT
August communicates using synthetic speech, facial expressions and head movements
August moves his head according to the users movements, detected with the camera eye
Additional textual information is displayed in a thought balloon 

The system was available daily for six months to any visitor at the Stockholms Akademiska Forum, Stockholm Cultural Centre, in Stockholm, as part of the Cultural Capital of Europe '98 program

Some info about August in Swedish

August also appeared at FrittFram exhibition at the Technical museum

A picture of some of August's facial expressions  

A video of the set-up of the August system  (mpg-format 2.1M) or (mpg-format 18M)

A video of a real interaction with August (mpg-format 1.44M) or (mpg-format 12M)

August papers on-line:

Eurospeech 99
The August spoken dialogue system
Gustafson, Lindberg and Lundeberg
(html or postscript)

Interaction with an Animated Agent in a Spoken Dialogue System
Bell and Gustafson
(html or postscript)

Experiences from the development of August - a multimodal spoken dialogue system
Gustafson, Lundeberg and Liljencrants
(html or postscript)

Utterance types in the August System
Bell and Gustafson
(html or postscript)

Repetition and its phonetic realizations: Investigating a Swedish database of spontaneous computer directed speech
Bell and Gustafson
(html or postscript)

Developing a 3D-agent for the August dialogue system
Lundeberg and Beskow
(html or postscript)

Journal of Natural Language Engineering: Special issue on Best Practice in Spoken Dialogue Systems
Speech Technology on Trial: Experiences from the August System
Gustafson and Bell

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A powerpoint presentation with subtitled videos about August and AdApt

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