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Software for Automatic Music Performance

For more information ask Anders Friberg or Roberto Bresin


pDM is a music score player with interactive control of the musical expressivity. It is a real time implementation of Director Musices. It is an abstraction written in pd (pure-data) and is running on Windows, Linux and MacOS using pd (pure-data) extended. New stuff from version 1.8 includes the piano lead rule by Johan Bjurling. Version 1.9.2 can be run both in pd-vanilla and pd-extended according to instructions in readme. Download pDM version 1.9.2 (updated 21-01-21).

Director Musices

Director Musices (DM) is a program implementing most of the KTH rule system for music performance. Features in DM includes polyphony, midi input/output, performance variable graphs and user rule definition. It is available for GNU/LInux, Macintosh and Windows. Go to download page.

Music Scores for Director Musices

Thanks to the effort by Craig Stuart Sapp, you can convert Kern Scores to Director Musices format (.mus) using the the command-line tool kern2dm found at the Humdrum extras web site. Note that the syntax is kern2dm infile > outfile.


JAPER is a Java applet that can run both under Windows or PowerMac systems. It works in real-time with the MIDI system/hardware of the client machine. Click here to try it (you need to have MidiShare previously installed). If you want a copy of JAPER please send us e-mail.


Melodia is a freeware program for Windows 3.* and upper versions to performe music scores. Melodia can load files in different formats (MIDI, CSound, Melodia, Adagio). To download the program click here.

Sound Examples

Schumann's Träumerei performed

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