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August 28 Download links for the proceedings in pdf format and for the errata to the first printed edition are in the Abstracts & Proceedings section.
August 25 Proceedings from the conference can be ordered from at the price of 30€ for both volumes or 15€ each, plus postage. More information in the Abstracts & Proceedings section.
August 01 It is now possible to pre-register for the SObs and AGNULA workshops, the previously mentioned email addresses were unfortunately invalid.
July 30 A flaw has been detected in the webpages. Users of Opera 7.11 (build 2887) (and possibly other versions) will not be able to display properly pages with certain formatting. Hopefully this will be resolved in newer Opera versions. As a solution if problems occur, please view web pages with an alternative browser. Check your browser: Invited speakers should have 22 names.
July 29 It is now possible to pre-register for the SObs and AGNULA workshops.
June 17 The time schedule for presentations and events at SMAC 03 is now available online.
June 13 Details on poster size and an example picture can be found in the General Information section.
June 13 A book of abstracts to the conference will be provided in addition to the proceedings. Abstracts are also available online, sorted by session. See the Abstracts section.
June 03 E-mail facilities. You can check your e-mail at the KTH Library, conveniently located in connection to the conference area. See General Information.
May 14 An outline of the SMAC programme can now be found in the Programme section.
May 07 A flaw has been detected in the Word templates for the Proceedings.
Please use the corrected versions which are available for downloading under the Proceedings section. The templates for LaTeX have not been changed.
April 28 An interactive, detailed map of Stockholm is available from the Hotels, General Information and Venue sections.
April 28 All abstracts are now online and linked from the Abstracts and Invited Speakers sections.
April 03 Proceedings: Instructions for authors and templates for manuscript formatting are now available online under the Proceedings section.
March 21 The evaluation of the abstracts is finished. The program for SMAC 03 features 22 invited speakers, 89 oral presentations (in two parallel sessions), and 108 posters. The complete program will be made available during April.
March 21 As announced earlier a Poster Award will be given to the best poster presentation. The first prize is 1000 euro and the second 500 euro. The winners will be selected by the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Organizing Committee.
February 21 The abstract submission is now closed. 225 abstracts have been submitted to SMAC 03. The international Scientific Advisory Committe is presently reviewing the abstracts. The authors will be notified about acceptance in mid March.
February 21 The reception at the Stockholm City Hall has been moved to Thursday, while the Interactive Music Evening and pub at KTH campus has been moved to Wednesday. Social events.

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