For someone who is generally interested in languages, the study of the ancient languages of Greece (Greek) and Rome is rewarding in itself. Latin is no longer a living language, but it is widely known, and has been the official language of the Roman Catholic Church until the middle of the twentieth century.

Latin was the vehicle for the writing of some of the world's most important works of literature, and for those who enjoy reading good literature for its own sake much enjoyment will be gained by being able to read Vergil, Horace, Catullus and Tacitus in the original.

For a list of links to sites dealing with Latin and Classics in general, go here.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, broadcasts news in Classical Latin, Nuntii Latini, each week (except during the summer months). The broadcasts can also be listened to on the web. Go to Nuntii Latini's homepage


Last updated May 14, 2009.

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