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Some MR images of Swedish phonemes from the corpus collected at the Grenoble University Hospital, CHRUG, in collaboration with P. Badin of ICP and C. Segerbarth of CHRUG. A large part of the midsagittal corpus and two examples of the full 3D collection: one small ('p' of 'pippi') and one normal size ('sj' of 'sjutton'), and can also be viewed as animated gifs.

Midsagittal images



'a' of 'matt'
'i' of 'vit'
'ö' of 'hör'
'tj' of 'tjallare'
'fi' of 'fiffig'
'j' of 'jord'

Example of full 3D collection: 'pp' of 'pippi'

Pharynx section

Velum section

Coronal section

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