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Some information about Rolf Carlson


Rolf Carlson started his career in speech research at the Dept. of Speech, Music and Hearing, KTH, 1969. He received his doctoral degree with the thesis “Perception and Synthesis of Speech”, 1977. He was employed 1978/1979 in the Natural Language Processing Group, RLE, MIT and 1990/1991 in the Spoken Language Systems Group, Laboratory of Computer Science, MIT. Since 1995, he is Professor in Speech Technology at KTH. He was deputy director of the affiliated Centre for Speech Technology (CTT). He was director of graduate studies 1999-2003. He was Deputy Director of the Department 2004-2010. Rolf Carlson became Professor Emeritus 2011.


His interests cover all aspects of Speech Technology, with special attention on speech synthesis and spoken dialog systems. Rolf Carlson has published more than 200 scientific papers. He has been invited speaker at several conferences and workshops. He was awarded Chester Carlson's (Xerox) research prize, 1995. Rolf Carlson became Speech Communication Association (ISCA) fellow 2008.


Rolf Carlson was a member of the board of the International Speech Communication Association 1997-2005. Other assignments include: Advisory Editor of Journal of Phonetics 1989-1994; Editorial Board for Journal of Speech Communication 1997-2010; Scientific program co-ordinator for the Congress of Phonetic Sciences XIII, Stockholm, 1995; Member of the Eurospeech 2001 organizing committee; Member of the Academic board of the National Graduate School of Language Technology 2001-2010 and also one of the initiators of this school; Member of IEEE James Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award committee 2008-2010; Member of the Interspeech 2017 organizing committee.




Carlson, R., & Granström, B. (2022). Another half a century in speech research.  Unpublished[pdf]


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