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Svante Granqvist

Svante Granqvist was born August 7, 1963 in Stockholm


-Master of Science in electrical engineering (Civilingenjör, elektro) KTH 1989 

-Licentiate degree TMH KTH 2001 

-Doctoral degree TMH KTH 2003 Download thesis


-Elektroakustik (2F1400)

Labs 1990-2003

Tutorials 1993-2001, 2003-2005
Lectures 2002-2005

Examinations 2002-2005

-Musikakustik (2F1212)

Labs 1997-2001 
Lecture 2000-2005

Supervision of projects 2002-2005

-Audioteknik (2F1410)

Lectures 2002-2005

Supervision of project 2003-2005

-Sångröstens function

Labs 2002

-Röstlära för musiklärare och barnkörledare (2F4300)

Labs 2004

-Elektroprojekt (2U1700)

Supervision of project 2001-2005 

-Audio och videoteknik (2D2021)

Lectures 2005

-Various minor contributions to other courses 

-Supervision of master thesis work: Jonas Öhrn, "The PARDAC: A sound playback board for the computer parallel port " 

-Supervision of master thesis work: Charlotte Dumard, “Measuring subglottal pressure during phonation with a new miniature fiberoptic transducer” 2002

-Supervision of master thesis work: Alastair Moore, “A sound port”

-Supervision of master thesis work: Magnus Wideberg

-Supervision of master thesis work: Olof Bendt, “Real-Time Simulation of Room Acoustics”

Reviews for international journals

Journal of Acoustical Society of America

Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research

Journal of Voice

Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology


Audio Engineering society


Ljudtekniska sällskapet (board member)

Hardware construction 

DinoDAT, a PC-ISA board for digital sound I/O 1993 


-PEVOC III Session 7, together with Jan Svec 




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