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Wednesday, June 24

16:00-16:40Volha Petukhova and Harry Bunt. Who's next? Speaker-selection mechanisms in multiparty dialogue.
16:40-17:20Anna Hjalmarsson. On cue - additive effects of turn-regulating phenomena in dialogue.
17:20-18:20Keynote: Julia Hirschberg. Turn-taking vs. backchanneling in spoken dialogue systems.

Thursday, June 25

09:00-10:00Keynote: Harry Bunt. Multifunctionality and multidimensional dialogue semantics.
10:00-10:30Coffee break.
10:30-11:10Massimo Poesio and Hannes Rieser. Anaphora and Direct Reference: Empirical Evidence from Pointing.
11:10-11:50Ron Artstein, Sudeep Gandhe, Michael Rushforth and David Traum. Viability of a Simple Dialogue Act Scheme for a Tactical Questioning.
13:00-14:00Keynote: Sverre Sjölander. Animal communication - bluffing, lying, impressing, and sometimes even information.
14:00-14:40David Schlangen. What we can learn from dialogue systems that don't work.
14:40-15:10Coffee break
15:10-15:50Robin Cooper and Staffan Larsson. Compositional and ontological semantics in learning from corrective feedback and explicit definition.
15:50-16:30Ruth Kempson, Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Matt Purver, Greg James Mills, Andrew Gargett and Christine Howes. How mechanistic can accounts of interaction be?.
18:00Workshop dinner: Served on S/S Norrskär cruise in the Stockholm archipelago

Friday, June 26

09:00-10:00Keynote: Nick Campbell. The expanding role of prosody in speech communication technology.
10:00-10:30Coffee break
10:30-11:10Elena Karagjosova. A monotonic model of denials in dialogue.
11:10-11:50Peter Ljunglöf. Dialogue Management as Interactive Tree Building.
Peter Ljunglöf. TRIK: A Talking and Drawing Robot for Children with Communication Disabilities.
Staffan Larsson and Jessica Villing. Multimodal Menu-based Dialogue in Dico II.
Ron Artstein, Sudeep Gandhe, Michael Rushforth and David Traum. Demonstration of the Amani Tactical Questioning Dialogue System.
Gabriel Skantze and Joakim Gustafson. Multimodal interaction control in the MonAMI Reminder.
Jens Edlund. Spontal - a first glimpse of a Swedish database of spontaneous speech.
Preben Wik. Ville - The virtual language tutor.
Samer Al Moubayed. Prosodic Disambiguation in Spoken Systems Output.
Srinivasan Janarthanam and Oliver Lemon. Learning Adaptive Referring Expression Generation Policies for Spoken Dialogue Systems using Reinforcement Learning.
Nuria Bertomeu and Anton Benz. Ontology Based Information States for an Artificial Sales Agent.
Elena Andonova and Kenny R. Coventry. Alignment and Priming of Spatial Perspective.
Jenny Brusk. Using Screenplays as Corpus for Modeling Gossip in Game Dialogues.
Lluís F. Hurtado, Encarna Segarra, Fernando Garcia, Emilio Sanchis and David Griol. The Acquisition of a Dialog Corpus with a Prototype and two WOz.
Timo Baumann. Integrating prosodic modelling with incremental speech recognition.
14:00-14:40Vladimir Popescu and Jean Caelen. The Non-Individuation Constraint Revisited: When to Produce Free Choice Items in Multi-Party Dialogue.
14:40-15:20Rieks op den Akker and David Traum. A comparison of addressee detection methods for multiparty conversations.
15:20-15:50Coffee break
15:50-16:30Jan Kleindienst, Jan Curin and Martin Labsky. A domain ontology based metric to evaluate spoken dialog systems.
16:30-17:10Robert Ross and John Bateman. Agency & Information State in Situated Dialogues: Analysis & Computational Modelling.