SMC Sweden

SMC Sound and Music Computing
Summer School 2013

2 — 6 August 2013
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Sound Science, Sound Experience

During the past five decades, the domain of Music Acoustics has widened from studies of the acoustics of musical instruments and voice, including basic elements of musical perception and performance, to investigations of how humans experience and interact with sounds and music. Increasingly, the knowledge is put into industrial, societal and psychological perspectives. The age-old dream of bridging science and art has found new and bountiful ground in the field of Sound and Music Computing.

Hosted by
Sound and Music Computing Research Group (aka Music Acoustics)

SMC Summer School Chair: Roberto Bresin

Contact info
SMC 2013:

Venue: KTH Campus

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The main theme for the Sound and Music Computing Summer School 2013 is "Music and Emotion".

Click here to download the PDF with the Summer School Schedule.

The school will include lectures by:

Prof. Mari Tervaniemi, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland
Topic: Music therapy

Bruno L Giordano, University of Glasgow, UK
Topics: Evaluation methods in sonic interaction / Brain imaging and sound perception

Prof. Tuomas Eerola, Department of Music, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Topic: Music and emotion

Dr Emilia Gomez, UPF, Barcelona, Spain
Topic: Music information retrieval (MIR) / Music avatars

Anders Friberg, KTH School of Computer Science and Communication, SMC group
Topic: MIR / Emotions

Ylva Fernaeus, KTH School of Computer Science and Communication, IxD group
Topic: Interaction design / Smart interfaces

Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen, KTH School of Computer Science and Communication, SMC group
Topic: Music and sound interaction, and special needs

Projects Students attending the summer school will work in groups of about 5 people on a project in the fields of Music Information Retrieval (MIR) and/or music interaction. Tools used during the school will include motion capture systems, brain activity scanning devices, specialized toolkits and SDKs.

If you are:

  • enrolled in a PhD program in design, computer science, media technology, engineering, psychology, music technology, or computer music,
  • desiring to learn more about music and the brain, music and emotion, music information retrieval, and music and interaction,
  • eager to explore the potential of music in the design of new interactive applications based on emotions,
  • interested in the development of new methods and models for music information retrieval,
  • work under the guidance of expert instructors and tutors,
  • excited about the inspiring and interdisciplinary environment of KTH in Stockholm,
then please consider participating to the summer school by emailing a CV, a letter of interest that clearly indicates your motivation, previous experience with music and emotion research, and your expectations from this school, all in PDF, to Roberto Bresin roberto at , with the text “SMC2013SummerSchool” included in your subject, latest by Sunday April 14th, 2013.

Maximum 20 selected participants will be notified by April 21th, 2013.

The cost of attending the summer school, including lectures, training sessions, laboratory material, lunches and coffee breaks is 200€.

The school offers 3 ECTS of credits.

The summer school will include a visit to the exhibition “Music and Emotions” at Tom Tits Experiment, previously exhibited at the Montreal Science Centre.
All the projects realized during the summer school will be presented at “Music and Emotions”.
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