Doctoral thesis of Svante Granqvist

Computer methods for voice analysis

Department of Speech, Music and Hearing, Stockholm 2003 ISBN 91-7283-461-7





Paper I

The Visual Sort and Rate method for perceptual evaluation in listening tests

Svante Granqvist

Submitted for publication

(Now published in Logoped Phoniatr Vocol Vol 28 109-116 2003)


Paper II

The Correlogram: a visual display of periodicity

Svante Granqvist and Britta Hammarberg

In review

(Now published in JASA 114 (5) 2934-2945 Dec 2003)


Paper III

The self-to-other ratio applied as a phonation detector for voice accumulation

Svante Granqvist

TMH-QPSR, KTH, Vol 45 2003, Submitted for publication

(Now published in Logoped Phoniatr Vocol Vol 28 71-80 2003)


Paper IV

A method of applying Fourier analysis to high-speed laryngoscopy

Svante Granqvist, Per-Åke Lindestad

Journal of Acoustic Society of America (JASA) 110 (6) 3193-3197 Dec 2001


Paper V

Simultaneous analysis of vocal fold vibration and transglottal airflow; Exploring a new experimental set-up

Svante Granqvist, Stellan Hertegård, Hans Larsson, Johan Sundberg

Accepted for publication in Journal of Voice

(Now published in Journal of Voice Vol 17/3 pp 319-330 2003)




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